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Mojo Shake-N-Jake Decoy Video

Mojo Shake-N-Jake Decoy Video

Mojo Shake-N-Jake Decoys are the ultimate combination of Mojo decoys teamed with Preston Pittman, a many time world champion turkey caller and expert turkey hunter. This is a development of a full sized turkey motion decoy. Turkeys have great vision, especially motion vision, so get that big Tom's attention this year with a Mojo Shake-N-Jake decoy. Mojo is known for not just the quality of their motion decoys, but also for the ability of that decoy to divert attention away from the hunter. This decoy has realistic size and color, and has the realistic motion of a Jake during the mating season. In the off position the tail is down and collapsed. The jake style decoy can be remote control operated from up to 150 feet away. Action includes raising tail and fans it while turning its body, just like a real Jake strutting around! The decoy mounts on a 2 foot steel mounting stake that stores inside of the decoy. This is the most realistic Turkey Decoy ever made. The decoy comes with a blaze orange safety carry bag with straps.

Preston Pittman, Mr. Turkey says: I have hunted with every type of turkey decoy ever made, and have never seen anything like Shake-N-Jake. I have been most impressed with the aggression aged gobblers have demonstrated towards this decoy!

Mojo Shake-N-Jake Decoys feature:

  • Turning body
  • Raising and expanding fan
  • 2 foot steel stake
  • Remote controlled up to 150 feet
  • Operates on 4 AA batteries

Mojo Shake-N-Jake Decoy