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Mission Archery MXB 320 Crossbow Video

Mission Archery MXB 320 Crossbow Video

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Mission Archery MXB 320 Crossbow harnesses deadly power and precision. This crossbow maneuvers with balance and east and the accuracy is unparalleled. The MXB 320 is loaded with unbelievable crossbow technology for higher performance and adjustability for ultimate comfort. This bow is easy to use and incredibly accurate.

Mission Archery MXB 320 Crossbow Features:

  • X-Cam Technology: Yields incredible speed with less speed and recoil
  • ALRS Technology: Provides adjustability from 160-100lbs of draw weight
  • Hand guard to protect fingers from path of string
  • Zebra String and Cables served for extra durability and accuracy
  • Mission crossbow arrow = 22 inch, 300 grains (without broadhead)
  • RS Tread: Acts as a foot hold when cocking crossbow
  • BIAS Rail: Bridged Integrated Accuracy Support
  • Trigger with anti fry-fire mechanism
  • PCC Anchor: Designed for smoother, easier draw
  • Automatic safety mechanism
  • Adjustable stock for custom comfort

Mission Archery MXB 320 Crossbow Specifications:

  • Speed: Up to 320 fps
  • Width: 19.5 inches
  • Powerstroke: 12 inches
  • Finish: Lost AT and black
  • Physical Weight: 6.5 lbs
  • Length: 31 inches
  • Draw Weight: 100/125/150/180
  • Bowstrings: Zebra Hybrid

Mission Archery MXB 320 Crossbow