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Mad Max Blind Video

Mad Max Blind Video

The Mad Max Blind system allows hunters to sit on the ground without having the blind wall get in the way. The shorter and smaller profile combined with the excellent camouflage renders the hunter invisible. The blind frame is comprised of basic shooting sticks that allow the hunter to rest their gun in the ready position throughout the hunt. The shooting rods set up within the material and create an X that holds the material out while providing cover and a shooting rest. If your arms get tired from the extended period of time out turkey hunting you should consider the Mad Max Blind. This shield blind also includes a support rod that can be attached in the front or back for supporting the blind while you call. The support pole can also be used to turn the blind if the turkey decides to try flanking you. One of the greatest features of this blind is the quick set up and take down. You will have no problem carrying the blind in and out either, it is nearly weightless, only 40 inches long, and only the circumference of a pop can. Set-up the blind is 47 inches wide and 35 inches tall.

Mad Max Blind system features:

  • 47x35 inches set up
  • Low profile makes hunters nearly invisible
  • Blind support sticks function as shooting sticks
  • Support rod available for balance while calling
  • Sets up in seconds

Mad Max Blind