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Macksimum Seam Sealer Waders Video

Macksimum Seam Sealer Waders Video

Now Neoprene Waders are taken to a whole new level! America's Premier Waterfowl Outfitter delivers cutting edge technology to the serious waterfowler with Macksimum Seam Sealer.

At Mack's Prairie Wings we now build all our neoprene waders with Macksimum Seam Sealer for superior leak protection and the strongest seams in the business. Also featuring a diamond expanded crotch design which allows for extra stretch with less stress on crotch seams. This technology is exclusive to Mack's Prairie Wings and will change the wader market forever.

Macksimum Seam Sealer is a liquid rubber that is applied during construction over the stitching like glue. Because it is liquid, it seeps its way into every nook and cranny and fills it with a waterproof material. When it dries it bonds permanently creating a seal that is stronger than the neoprene around it. Now INSIDE and OUT!

Macksimum Seam Sealer Waders