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LoopRope 4 Foot Red and Black Tiedown Video

LoopRope 4 Foot Red and Black Tiedown Video

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No more knot tying. No more dangerous and limiting bungee cords. Now you can secure all your gear downo with the LoopRope 4 Foot Red-Black Tiedown. These 4 foot LoopRopes are constructed of doubled up 1/4nch Heavy Duty shock cord. If you want a longer LoopRope just buy two and link them together. It's that simple. Each LoopRope 4 Foot Red-Black  Tiedown comes with two Military Grade stainless steel S-Clips.

The design of LoopRope 4 Foot Red-Black Tiedown makes it an infinite tie down for work and play. At work, LoopRope is a huge time saver and provides load security for all the service and construction trades that keep America moving. When it is time to have fun, LoopRope is great for Hunting, Camping, Backpacking, Boating, Mountaineering, Rafting, Surfing, and Kayaking. LoopRope is also great for your Boat Blind, Car, Truck, SUV, ATVs, RVs, Motorcycles, Trailers and perfect for use around the Home and Garden. You will never run out of problem solving applications for your LoopRopes!

LoopRope 4 Foot Red and Black Tiedown