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LockDown Gun Vault Drawer Video

LockDown Gun Vault Drawer Video

Vault space is always a premium! With limited shelf space, try using the LockDown Gun Vault Drawer. The Gun Vault Drawer mounts to the underside of any shelf in your vault or safe. It provides 11.5 wide x 12 deep x 2 high in inches; worth of previously unused space. Perfect for a variety of loose valuables and documents such as hunting license and boxes of ammo. The wire form frame slides over any shelf up to 1 inch thick. The frame's retaining bar butts up against the tray's molded lip to keep the user from pulling the drawer out too far and spilling its contents. The Gun Vault Drawer mounts quickly and easily to any vault shelf. No tools are needed for installation. Take advantage of all that unused space in your gun cabinet, safe or vault with the Gun Vault Drawer by LockDown.


  • Quickly attaches to any vault or safe shelf
  • Takes advantage of unused space under shelves
  • Organizes jewelry, handguns and small valuables
  • No tools needed to install

LockDown Gun Vault Drawer