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Leupold VX-II Rifle Scope Video

Leupold VX-II Rifle Scope Video

Leupold VX-II Rifle Scopes are the ideal choice when lightening the load. They weigh about 17 percent less than their full-size counterparts, yet retain all the performance features, lens coatings, and systems you expect from a Leupold. They’re also every bit as rugged, waterproof, accurate, dependable, and of course, each is guaranteed for life. The VX-II 3-9x33mm Ultralight EFR also has extreme close-focus capability, making it a perfect match for your air rifle, walking varminter, or rimfire rifle. The 0.25 MOA finger click allows you to more quickly adjust for windage and elevation.

Quantum Optical System:
Lead free glass with a geometry that is designed to minimize wave front error and increase resolution. Razor sharp imaging across any brightness level sets this system aside from any other in the world. The key mechanical portions of the Vari-X system have been left in place while the coatings, and positioning of optical elements have been changed to achieve the imaging. 94 percent light transmission has been achieved in this VX-II system while maintaining the near indestructible construction.

Index Matched Lens System:
Based on the index of refraction of each lens, the lens' are individually coated with different materials to allow the maximum amount of light transmission and eliminate reflections.

Leupold VX-II Rifle Scope