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Handy Throttle Converter Video

Handy Throttle Converter Video

Handy Throttle Converter is a thumb throttle converter that can be used on 4-wheelers, jet skis and snowmobiles that have standard 7/8 inch handle bar and thumb throttles. All 4-wheelers come with a thumb throttle. If you ride one for any extended amount of time your thumb becomes sore, achy, and sometimes numb. Holding on to the handle bar, a person must apply pressure on the thumb lever (thumb throttle) to accelerate the vehicle. The faster the driver wants to go, the more pressure he must apply to the throttle.

The Handy Throttle Converter allows anyone to quickly and easily switch from a thumb throttle to a twist throttle. The new Handy Throttle does not change the mechanical function of the thumb throttle. Therefore the driver can revert back to the factory throttle by simply removing the Handy Throttle. Not only is this a benefit for sore thumbs, but it also assists people with arthritis and similar diseases, because they can usually grip enough to use the Handy Throttle when they may not be able to use their thumb to accelerate. Made of a high quality ABS plastic that withstands extreme temperatures and is resistant to UV rays. Once installed, the Handy Throttle can be covered with a rubber grip that is supplied with each Handy Throttle.

NOTE: The Handy Throttle will not work on snowmobiles equipped with a lever throttle.

Handy Throttle Converter