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Flextone Buck Commander Rut Hunter Deer Call Video

Flextone Buck Commander Rut Hunter Deer Call Video

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Flextone Buck Commander Rut Hunter Deer Call is the combination of Flextone teaming up with the Buck Commander crew for deer hunting calls. This is a great all-in-one call addition to your deer calls. A fantastic option for bow hunting, since it allows you to call while at full draw. You can make that essential stopper or moving call that you need, while keeping your full draw. The multiple call options give every call you will ever need for bow hunting, gun hunting, or muzzle-loading. Use this great call for buck grunts, snort wheeze or estrus bleats. The volume of the call is loud enough for gun season and for those large wooded areas.

Flextone Buck commander Rut Hunter Deer Call Hints and Tips:
HELPFUL HINTS: As always, Flextone technology produces a more natural sound by accurately mimicking the soft flexible tissue of a deer's neck, mouth, and tongue. It is simple to use. For hardcore buck grunts and growls, just blow into the call without squeezing the barrel. To produce desperate doe estrus bleats and bawls,just squeeze the D button on the barrel while blowing.

Buck Growls or Bawls: This is an aggressive and emotional grunt type of sound. Bucks produce this sound during the peak of the rut by blowing a wheeaaa sound into the call 2 or 3 times for a duration of 2 to 3 seconds for each call.

Flextone Buck Commander Rut Hunter Deer Call