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Fish Hands Free Rod Holder Video

Fish Hands Free Rod Holder Video

This newly invented Fish Hands Free Rod Holder is simplistic, inexpensive and useful. It is a welcome addition for anyone who fishes. It allows hands-free tasking which permits you to easily bait your hook, wipe your hands, or just take a break from holding your fishing rod. This rod holder can be used to easily secure a fly, spinning or bait-casting rod.

Once you try this, any fisherman will consider this Fish Hands Free accessory to be indispensable. It mounts in no time at all to your fishing vest or wader straps. It has rubberized coating that protects and prevents the rod and reel from getting wet, dirty or damaged and is made of super light and durable plastic.


  • Mounts in seconds to fishing vest or wader straps
  • Rubber coated hooks protect finish of rod
  • Keeps Rod and reel dry
  • Allows for hands free tasking
  • Ultra lightweight and durable construction
  • Holds rod securely

Fish Hands Free Rod Holder