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Field Proven Calls Aftershock Goose Call Video

Field Proven Calls Aftershock Goose Call Video

The Field Proven Calls Aftershock Goose Call is a goose call that is VERY deep in tone. It is designed to help flute callers transition from flute style calls to the great world of the short reed. It is also a great call for short reed guys that are looking for a call that is ALL GOOSE on the low end. The extended length of the Aftershock makes it very easy to operate and gives it that deep hallow tone that gives guys goose bumps as it sounds exactly like a giant honker. It can be operated closed handed (like a flute) to get the deepest most mellow sounds ever produced on a short reed or it can be used open handed to achieve more volume and sharper sound.


  • Standard Gut system: FP Mark 1 Plain Guts for light to medium tuning and easy operation.
  • Optimum performance conditions for Aftershock use: On water, no wind days, heavily hunted geese or call shy geese, hunting larger subspecies of Canada Geese Honkers, hunting the X, adding deeper notes during group/team calling situations.
  • Call stiffness and air pressure required: Ideal air pressure and tuning on the Aftershock is light, light medium, and medium.

All Field Proven Aftershock calls come with the Aftershock Basics Mastering the Short-Reed Goose Call dvd. Join World Goose Calling Champion and 2-Time International Champion Field Hudnall as he gives you detailed instruction on Mastering the After Shock and Adrenaline Goose Calls. Field's easy to follow instruction process has been recognized in national publications and has helped thousands of goose callers across the country reach their goose calling goals, whether it is to call more geese in the field or Capture a World Goose Calling title.

Field Proven Calls Aftershock Goose Call