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EOTech EXPS3 2 Dot Night Vision Holographic Weapon Sight Video

EOTech EXPS3 2 Dot Night Vision Holographic Weapon Sight Video

EOTech Holographic sights are the absolute best sights for tactical weapons and self-defense situations. Holographic sights have been developed specifically for combat use. Reticles are see-through patterns that give you the ability to acquire targets without covering them with the reticle. If your reticle were to cover up the target, and your were unable to have visual contact, then you could not be sure exactly where you are aiming or what exact area you will hit. Holographic sights are designed to be visible in any light and center themselves so it does not matter what angle your eye has to the sight. A shock absorbing resin encompasses the electronics in a holographic sight. A built-in microprocessor gives you the option of 20 brightness levels, auto-shutdown programming, battery check, and scrolling of brightness levels.

The benefit of holographic sights is that it truly lets you shoot with both eyes open. The shooters head does not need to be turned to the side, decreasing the amount of peripheral vision. The increase in vision combined with the smaller surface area of the sight that faces you results in a wider plane of vision that is free of blind spots, constricted and tunnel vision. All of the new holographic sights have streamlined housing to open engagement areas.

As long as there is a visible section of the holographic window, the sight is fully functional. That is a beautiful thought, because it means that even in rain, sleet, snow, mud, accidents, or anything that could damage or cover your sight, your sight is still functional! The HUD, heads-up display, window has the information required for the sight across the entire window - which is why you can shoot at any angle. Since it is across the entire window, as long as you can see through a portion you can use the sight.

EOTech EXPS3 2 Dot Night Vision Holographic Weapon Sight