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DCVR Amphibious Decoy Stakes Video

DCVR Amphibious Decoy Stakes Video

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The DCVR Amphibious Decoy Stakes work with any keeled Duck or Goose decoys and converts your water decoys to field decoys in seconds! The DCVR Decoy Stakes are easy to transport and store. Made of durable 1/4 inch steel. These Amphibious Decoy Stakes are deal for fields, shallow water and water’s edge. They raise your decoys above the surface providing better visibility from above.

DCVR has put these things through the ringer. Two seasons from Oct. 1 through End of Jan. The new design this season allows you to get the 1/4 inch steel rod in the hardest of surfaces including frozen ground. DCVR has also powder coated the new stakes to keep them from rusting.

DCVR Amphibious Decoy Stakes measure 17 inches long.

DCVR Amphibious Decoy Stakes