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Browning Maxus 12 Gauge Shotgun Video

Browning Maxus 12 Gauge Shotgun Video

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As most of us know, reliability is the most important factor when purchasing a firearm. Throughout the design and development of the Browning Maxus the absolute number one goal was to achieve the most reliable semi-auto shotgun in the world. The Power Drive Gas System has been designed to operate under all conditions, using all loads available for that gauge. Unlike pumps, reliability is not the only achievement of the Browning Maxus. The Maxus has a 19 percent faster bolt speed, 18 percent less felt recoil, 44 percent less muzzle jump, and a 24 percent quicker lock time than the closest competitor. This is the best and most reliable gas operated 12 gauge shotgun in the world!

Speed Lock Forearm
For those sick of annoying magazine caps, Browning has completely redesigned the forearm of gas operated shotguns. The Speed Lock Forearm has a lever on the front of the forearm that both allows you to remove the forearm in seconds and lets you add or remove slings in seconds. This built in lever removes the possibility of losing a magazine cap. Magazine caps can attract dirt that can either prevent the removal, or get into the weapon and affect its function.

Less Recoil and Muzzle Jump
The decrease in these two impairments allow a shooter to have much more accurate follow up shots. Not only are the follow up shots more accurate, but they are also much faster. A 44 percent smaller muzzle jump can be a difference of seconds and inches. Everyone says golf is a game of inches, but so is hunting. Inches in hunting with a shotgun may not seem like a big deal because of the pattern, however, if you are off with the pattern density by inches you may still hit the bird, but it may turn into a dreaded magic escape duck.

Browning Maxus 12 Gauge Shotgun