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Brownells 30 Round AR-15 Magazine Video

Brownells 30 Round AR-15 Magazine Video

Brownells recognizes that the reason you purchased an AR-15 or M16 was the abundant availabilty of 30 round or larger magazines, and unfortunately that has not been the case as of late. The negative press on large magazines has caused a much higher demand than could be met, until now. If you are shopping for these magazines you know that certain situations might require a lot of rounds on target. Put those rounds on target with a Brownells 30 round Ar-15 magazine, a magazine that will not fail you at the most desperate time in your life. Buy one of the most technically advanced magazines on the market, because a rifle is only as good as its magazine!

All components of the Brownells AR-15-M16 Magazine are made of mil-spec materials and are manufactured under strict, ISO quality control standards. The heat-treated, welded aluminum body is hard-anodized for superior corrosion resistance, then given a tough, dry-lube coated Chrome Silicon Spring eliminates the need for additional lubricants that would attract dust, sand, or dirt. The Brownells AR-15-M16 30-Round Magazine is corrosion-resistant certified to 500 hour salt spray standards, and less prone to spring set. The latest military-type, glass-fiber reinforced composite follower further guarantees flawless feeding in the harshest tactical conditions.

Brownells 30 Round AR-15 Magazines Feature:

  • 30 round capacity
  • Dry-lube coated Chrome Silicon spring
  • Corrosion resistant certified
  • Glass fiber reinforced composite follower
  • Heat treated welded aluminum body
  • Flawless feeding for unrivaled reliability

Brownells 30 Round AR-15 Magazine