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Benelli M2 26 Inch Field 20 Gauge Shotgun Video

Benelli M2 26 Inch Field 20 Gauge Shotgun Video

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Benelli M2 26 Inch Field 20 Gauge Shotgun has 48% less recoil!  The M2 Field shotgun is light, rugged and fast handling. It is the backbone of the Benelli semi-automatic line that cycles everything from target loads to heavy 3-inch magnums. This shotgun is well balanced and lightweight and has left hand configs.

This is the original recoil reduction system that revolutionized firearm technology. ComforTech system reduces felt recoil by as much as 48% over the competition. The ComforTech System revolutionized firearms technology by taming recoil without adding any weight to the gun or using lighter charges. Benelli created the cutting edge design using computer aided design (CAD) software and computer aided engineering (CAE) for precise structural calculations. ComforTech Gel Comb Inserts cushion your cheek during recoil. They also have a smooth surface that allows your cheek to slide along the comb for increased comfort. Addition to ComforTech's features is the Gel Recoil Pads that put more shock absorbing material against your shoulder to spread recoil. Soft, comfort fitting pads take the punch out of magnum loads like no ordinary recoil pad can. Optional pads can be used to adjust length-of-pull. The ComforTech stock is designed around 22 synthetic chevrons, which allows the stock to flex and absorb recoil. Recoil absorbing chevrons form an effective recoil barrier.

Standard Features:

  • Flush Crio Chokes and Wrench
  • Ergonomic Trigger Guard and Safety
  • Standard Hard Gun Case
  • Bolt Lock Lever
  • Removable Trigger Assembly
  • Mid-Bead and Red Bar Front Sight
  • Rotating Bol Head
  • Shim Kit

Benelli M2 26 Inch Field 20 Gauge Shotgun