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    Motion Waterfowl Decoys

    Mojo Mallard 6 Volt Motorized Motion Duck Decoy
    From  $139.99$164.49
    The Mojo Mallard 6 Volt Motorized Motion Duck Decoy has always been regarded as THE premium spinning wing flash decoy on the market. The old school additional flash of the aluminum wings was a
    Mojo Baby Mojo Motorized Duck Decoy
    From  $79.99$93.99
    All of the effectiveness of the MOJO Mallard but in a smaller package. The Baby MOJO utilizes a premium quality dual shaft direct drive motor and PVC wings. Don’t let the small size fool you, MOJO Magic is
    Mojo Mallard Machine Hardwired Motion Decoy System
    From  $169.99$199.74
    Light weight and portable, the Mallard Machine Motion Duck Decoy is still rough and durable and will hold up under extreme use. It can even be used as a de-icing mechanism! The versatility allows the hunter to
    Wonderduck Specklebelly Motion Goose Decoys
    From  $109.99$129.24
    The Wonderduck Specklebelly Motion Goose Decoy is great confidence decoy! Works for Ducks and Geese. Built with an Avery Pro-Grade Speck decoy and running two high speed 500rpm opposite rotating motors. Package
    SilloSocks Tornado Rotary Decoy Machine
    From  $228.99$269.06
    SilloSocks Tornado Decoy Rotary Machine is the perfect solution for no wind hunting days. Combined with flapping hunting decoys these have proven to be deadly on waterfowl in the field. The diameter is a generous
    Banded Gear Electronic Jerk Flag System
    From  $199.99$234.99
    The Banded Electric Jerk Flag system duplicates realistic wing movements with the touch of a button! Remote control operated. Simply connect to a 12v battery (Sold Separately) and start hunting. System also
    Rig'Em Right Motion Decoy Jerk Rig
    From  $34.99$41.11
    Lightweight, compact and easily fits into your coat pocket or blind bag. Setting up the Rig'Em Right Motion Decoy Jerk Rig is a snap. Simply drop the anchor in your spread, attach up to four
    Lifetime Decoys 90 Foot Jerk Rig Kit
    From  $59.99$70.49
    Everything is fully assembled and ready to go – All you need to do is attach the drops to your decoys, and clip them anywhere on the mainline cable when you’re ready to hunt.
    Sillosocks Son Of Stalker Motion  Decoy Machine
    From  $119.99$140.99
    Sillosocks Son Of Stalker Motion Decoy Machine simulates birds landing and looking for the X to set down and find a feeding place. Controlled with a variable speed rheostat, the realistic side to side motion along