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Motion Waterfowl Decoys

Wonderduck Super Paddle Wheel Motion Duck Decoy
From  $99.99ex VAT$117.49inc VAT
The Super Wonderduck Paddle Wheel Motion Duck Decoy has Wonderduck's new Waterproof Shielding System which eliminates motor shaft friction, increases power and battery life. This decoy operates on two 500 rpm
Mojo Mamma Jamma Motion Duck Decoy
The Mojo Mama Jama Motion Duck Decoy is a highly effective, multi-purpose duck hunting tool that combines the ability of a spinning wing decoy to attract ducks from long distances with the natural
Mojo Swimmer Duck Decoy
Finally, there is a Swimmer on the market that will swim in trashy Duck Water…..the MOJO Swimmer has two small jet pumps mounted inside a special molded base that intakes water right under the water surface
Higdon Canada Goose Pulsator and Power Pack
From  $159.99ex VAT$187.99inc VAT
The Higdon Canadian Goose Pulsator and Power Pack creates a simulated feeding frenzy! This total unit is absolutely awesome! The perfect decoy for adding just the right amount of ripple on the water! The cord and
Higdon Canada Goose Swimmer Decoy
From  $169.99ex VAT$199.74inc VAT
Talk about realism! Higdon's Canada Goose Swimmer Decoys create the most realistic motion and ripple in your spread possible. The cord and waterproof battery box acts as a cord and weight so
Wonderduck Specklebelly Motion Goose Decoys
From  $109.99ex VAT$129.24inc VAT
The Wonderduck Specklebelly Motion Goose Decoy is great confidence decoy! Works for Ducks and Geese. Built with an Avery Pro-Grade Speck decoy and running two high speed 500rpm opposite rotating motors. Package
Mojo Jerk-A-Spreader Duck Decoy String System
The Mojo Jerk-a-Spreader Duck Decoy String System puts your traditional jerk strings to shame. The traditional jerk strings only allowed for a few decoys to be pulled in a straight line but with
Expedite Quiver Magnet H2O Motion System
Expedite Quiver Magnet H20 Motion System is an extremely popular device is designed to be placed directly in the water around your decoy spread. The magnet is roughly twice as thick as a
Mojo Live Action Decoy Kit
From  $9.99ex VAT$11.74inc VAT
The all new MOJO Live Action Decoy Kit is the ultimate accessory to make your MOJO dove or duck decoy come alive. Dual pivoting action is obtained through a ball-bearing mechanism that allows your decoy to