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Hunting Black Powder

CVA 45 Caliber Platinum Powerbelt Black Powder Bullets
From  $22.99ex VAT$27.01inc VAT
CVA 45 Cal Platinum Powerbelt Bullets 300 Grain 15 per pack. Powerbelt bullets are the most advanced muzzleloading projectiles ever developed with all of the benefits of saboted bullets and none of the
CVA Powerbelt Aero Tip 50 Caliber 245 Grain Black Powder Bullets
From  $20.99ex VAT$24.66inc VAT
CVA PowerBelt Bullets are the most advanced muzzleloading projectiles ever developed-with all of the benefits of saboted bullets. The patented snap-on base creates a perfect gas seal, providing consistent
Thompson Center Shock Wave Sabots Black Powder Bullets - 250 Grain
From  $14.99ex VAT$17.61inc VAT
The Thompson Center Shock Wave is a new spire point bullet with polymer tip specifically designed as a muzzleloading sabot bullet, not a conventional pistol bullet converted to a muzzleloading projectile. T/C’s
CVA Accura 209 V2 27 Inch Muzzleloader
From  $349.99ex VAT$411.24inc VAT
The CVA Accura V2 is a new and improved version of the popular Accura model. Like its predecessor, the Accura V2 provides a level of accuracy performance that is unequaled by any break action muzzleloader on
Knight Full Plastic 209 Primer Jackets
From  $9.99ex VAT$11.74inc VAT
Knight Full Plastic 209 Primer Jackets make priming your black powder rifle much easier! Stop bending, crushing, and all around ruining 209 primers with these 209 primer jackets. These full plastic jackets seal
CVA Straight Line Capper
From  $5.99ex VAT$7.04inc VAT
CVA Straight Line Capper hold 15 #11 caps and gets the cap in position with ease! It is frustrating when a cap tips over or gets jammed in your rifle's breech, but this CVA Straight Line Capper
Thompson Center Arms 209 Flex Capper
From  $5.99ex VAT$7.04inc VAT
Unique 209 Capper is shaped to accommodate all scoped muzzleloaders for instant and easy priming. Made from Bio-Flex, a special silicone material which will stay soft and flexible in the most frigid