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    Customer Comments "Looked around the last day of season, and noticed ALL my gear, right down to my shotgun had came from Mack's .Even keep a catalog in my blind bag for slow days." Feb 2016

    Dealin In Decoys

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    From  $79.99      $93.99
    The Avian X Top Flight Red Head Duck Decoys are rugged, wide, magnum duck decoys that are designed for the rough open water where these ducks rest and feed. This carefully conceived mix of natural ...
    From  $15.99      $18.79
    Wonderduck Paddling Duck Decoy Feet are weedless paddling feet with foot attachments. Wonderduck's totally Weedless Paddling Feet create the maximum amount of water motion that can be obtained ...
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    $228.99 - $288.69
    From  $228.99      $269.06
    The  SilloSocks Tornado Decoy Rotary Machine is the perfect solution for no wind hunting days. Combined with flapping hunting decoys these have proven to be deadly on waterfowl in the field. ...
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    From  $54.99      $64.61
    The Mack’s Prairie Wings Slotted Decoy Bags feature a 600D heavy duty polyester construction. Other features include individual mesh slot pockets for line and weight storage, carrying straps ...

    From  $169.99      $199.74
    Light weight and portable, the Mojo Mallard Machine Hardwired Motion Decoy System is still rough and durable and will hold up under extreme use. It can even be used as a de-icing mechanism! The ...
    From  $129.99      $152.74
    These Real Geese Magnum Lite 3D Silhouette Canada Goose Decoys  are without a doubt one of the most effective decoys around. Their silhouettes are 3D—an artwork in ...
    From  $3.99      $4.69
    One Mojo Mallard Decoy Replacement Foot for your Mojo Mallard Duck Decoys. Ensure everything is just right for your next hunt. The smallest details will sometimes throw off those wary old Northern ...
    From  $109.99      $129.24
    The Higdon Full-Size Trufeeder Full Body Speck Decoys  are the ultimate speck full body decoys available on the market today. Measuring 20 inches from breast to tail, each decoy has ...

    From  $44.99      $52.86
    One of the BEST LOOKING wood duck decoys on the market. The Higdon Standard Foam Filled Wood Duck Decoy is perfect for decoying those wary wood ducks. These Wood Duck Decoys from Higdon ...
    From  $199.99      $234.99
    The Lucky Duck Lucky Flapper Specklebelly Goose Motion Decoy  creates a life like wing flapping motion that's deadly to all species of geese. Stay hidden and keep the attention away from your ...
    From  $99.99      $117.49
    Lucky Duck Lucky Flapper Snow Goose Motion Decoy is more realistic than spinning-wing decoys.  The flapping variable-speed wings of the Lucky Duck Flapper Snow Goose Decoy fools the largest ...
    From  $206.99      $243.21
    Dakota's Full Body Specklebelly Goose Decoys  will bring the much-expanding speck population to a halt!! These decoys are built to last and will be the envy of hunters. The Specklebelly decoys ...

    Dakota Extreme Mallard Floating Duck Decoys with 12 Slot Decoy Bag

    Dakota Extreme Mallard Floating Duck Decoys with 12 Slot Decoy Bag

     Mack's Exclusive!
    Free 12 Slot Decoy Bag with Purchase!
    From  $199.99      $234.99
    With the Dakota Extreme Mallard Floating Duck Decoys with 12 Slot Decoy Bag, the first thing you will notice is the most life like, hand painted finish ever put on a hunting decoy. Dakota Decoy drakes go through a ...
    From  $154.99      $182.11
    Dakota Decoys have designed unquestionably the most life like duck decoys on the market. The first thing you will notice is the most life like, hand painted finish ever put on a hunting decoy. Drakes go through a ...
    From  $74.99      $88.11
    GHG Pro-Grade Pintail Duck Decoys have unmatched realism and attention to detail. These Pintail Decoys are just the ticket for building your rig. The realism is irresistible to even the spookiest ...
    From  $69.99      $82.24
    The new Pro-Grade Redheads are some of the first diver decoys to be added to the Greenhead Gear Pro-Grade decoy line. Three different postures that include both drakes and hens, along with ...

    From  $64.99      $76.36
    Make heads turn with the GHG Over Size Redhead Duck Decoys ! Molded from original world-class carvings and produced with intricate feather detail and anatomic perfection. After the meticulous ...
    From  $289.99      $340.74
    The GHG Pro-Grade Full Body Snow/Blue Goose Decoys  are undeniably the most lifelike full body snows and blues ever! They have rock solid one piece construction which eliminates broken head ...
    From  $59.99      $70.49
    The Rig'Em Right 6 Slot Floater Goose Decoy Bag is a must have for the avid waterfowler. This is the ONLY bag designed just for floater goose decoys. The tough durable construction will last ...
    From  $34.99      $41.11
    Lightweight, compact and easily fits into your coat pocket or blind bag. Setting up the Rig'Em Right Motion Decoy Jerk Rig is a snap. Simply drop the anchor in your spread, attach up to four ...

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