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Banded Gear Deluxe Slough Swivel Stool
From  $59.99ex VAT      $70.49inc VAT
Banded Gear Deluxe Slough Stools mean you'll never have to kneel, sit or stand along the shoreline again while out on a hunt. This stool provides the comfort of sitting in a large boat or duck ...
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Banded Gear Redzone Breathable Insulated Waders
$329.99 - $349.99
From  $329.99ex VAT      $387.74inc VAT
The quest for the ultimate wader seemed like a never-ending journey. Year after year of dealing with the common problems and frustrations associated with waders - bulkiness, lack of mobility, discomfort, sweating, ...
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Banded Calls Fowl Life Series Banzai Duck Call
From  $144.99ex VAT      $170.36inc VAT
Living the Fowl Life isn’t always glamorous. In fact, most of the time it is a battle. Banzai translates Battle Cry. If you do battle with the ducks, then the Banded Calls Fowl Life Series Banzai Duck Call ...
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Banded Gear A-1 Gun Stick
From  $34.99ex VAT      $41.11inc VAT
Hands-free hunting!! The angle iron construction and rubber safe grips on the Banded Gear A-1 Gun Stick will provide a secure hold and protection for any shotgun. The framework design combined ...