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Best Straw Hat
By: John from Fort Lauderdale      Submitted: 11/22/2013







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Quality How is the quality? Does it have every feature you need? Well designed, well constructed hat by Stetson. Features What do you like or dislike about the features? Looks very stylish but at the same time very functional. Keeps the sun off of your head while the airways keep you cool. Almost indestructible. This is my second one. After falling in the ocean several times it was dried out and looked like new again each time. The last time it floated away before we could retrieve it. Hence the new purchase. Cost Do you think this item is a good value? Considering that if you take care of it (or don't let it float away in the ocean) it should last for years. Therefore an excellent value. Also Mack's had the best price by far. Overall Please give your general opinion of this product. Excellent product. One tip. Order by phone and insist they pack the hat in a box big enough so the brim does not get bent. The box mine came in was too small and the brim was bent out of shape. It took several days of adjusting the brim to get it back to it's original form.