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Item Reviews for: Sure Cycle Beretta Magazine Swivel Caps  -  SRMCAPS

Great addition to a great gun!
By: Tagstick from Shallibags, NC      Submitted: 2/25/2015







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Quality How is the quality? Does it have every feature you need? Quality made product. No corrosion issues. Features What do you like or dislike about the features? No dislikes. Likes: Provides the convenience of using a strap on your Beretta Extrema without the idiotic strap tab Beretta supplies ( the strap would loosen at the worst times). Cost Do you think this item is a good value? High initial cost, but over time it is a relatively minimal cost for the benefit. Flyway Which flyway do you hunt in? Atlantic and Central Overall Please give your general opinion of this product. Worth every cent I paid. I purchased the current item, my second, for my son's Extrema
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