Item Reviews for: Little Sportsman Little Jake on Safari Book  -  LSM34

If only more kid's books were like these!!!
By: Matt from Arizona      Submitted: 10/1/2013






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Quality How is the quality? Does it have every feature you need? As far as books go, it's a well made book. Features What do you like or dislike about the features? It's a book so there aren't any features to describe. Cost Do you think this item is a good value? While the price is steep compared to other books you might by your children, it's worth spending the money because there simply aren't any other kids books out there that are pro-hunting. Overall Please give your general opinion of this product. This book is fantastic! Unlike all the other kids books out there which personify animals and make hunters out to be the bad guy, the book portrays the cycle of life and a hunter's role in world. Even better, it's done in a way that kids will enjoy it.