Good Lanyard
By: CapeCodMike from Pocasset, MA      Submitted: 9/20/2013







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Quality How is the quality? Does it have every feature you need? Just purchased this Lanyard. I like the size, not too bulky. Liked the two drops, with two loops at the base of the lanyard. Also like the whistle clip, if only my dog will listen. I like the two additional removable drops with two loops apiece. The only place I thought it looked a little cheap was the swivels on the whistle clip and removable loops. For another $0.50 they could have used better quality barrel swivels and really finished the lanyard. But they cheaped out. The MPW's bands built into the lanyard are a nice touch. Overall it's a good piece and I'd buy it again. For another $1.50 on the upgrade to the barrel swivels they could have made it perfect. Flyway Which flyway do you hunt in? Cape Cod Overall Please give your general opinion of this product. Almost perfect.