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    Item Reviews for: Higdon Mallard Swimmer Motion Duck Decoy  -  HIG520S
    Higdon Mallard Swimmer Motion Duck Decoy
    Works great, ducks land beside it to say hi. Water must be deep enough to work well.
    By: V.C Bud Jenkins from Riverside, CA USA      Submitted: 5/19/2016

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? Excellent! I used it all season and it always worked perfectly. Once it broke free and I had to hunt for it but I didn't attach the safety cable was the problem. It runs all day on one charge. Even if there is only shallow water it still will run around looking active, you have to adjust the anchor clip and it will do ok. The first time I used it a duck landed beside it before I got back to my blind. I should have had my gun with me when I put it out. I went 2 times per week last season so it was over 25 times I used it without fail. I plan to use it more this season and maybe even buy another one for action on both sides of the dike.