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    Higdon Splashing Flasher 2 Mallard Drake Motion Decoy
    For all the non-believers
    By: Steven S Parks from Tulsa, Oklahoma,      Submitted: 1/22/2017

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    Product Rating What is your opinion of this product? I myself am really old school, so when I decided to purchase a Mo Jo/ I wanted something that floated and movable. More than not it appears to pull birds even when not calling. Add calling and it is amazing how the birds react. Two days ago I had my Kayak full of muddy decoys and sun in my eyes as I left the lake in a stiff wind. I totally forgot to pick up my Higdon splashing Fasher decoy. I did not realize it until that night when I was getting ready for the next morning. I was worried that some one would steal it or it would just sink as the wind was 25 mph and up. To my total surprise not only was it still in my spread, it was still working! I moved it back and it worked another four hours while we hunted. That would be 28 hrs running and still running as I picked it up. Thank you very much Yes worth the money!!