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Item Reviews for: Duck Commander Miss Priss Duck Call  -  DUCMP

Great beginner call.
By: Chris      Submitted: 3/12/2015











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Quality How is the quality? Does it have every feature you need? Great Quality, solid call. Very similar to their Triple Threat. Recommendations Would you recommend this item? Yes. If you want to learn how to call, get this. I got it for my wife and she loves it. Use Is this item easy to use, or does it require prior knowledge/skill? Very easy to use. But obviously to sound like a duck there needs to be prior knowledge. Has this product improved your hunting experience? Wouldn't know. Duck season is 7 months away :( Features What do you like or dislike about the features? Thick, durable call. What are your favorite features of this item? Easy to use Cost Do you think this item is a good value? Yes! Flyway Which flyway do you hunt in? Mississippi. Realism How realistic does this call sound? Somewhat. Great for long distance, you will definitely need a timber call to finish them off. Performance Does this item meet your expectations? Yes. Overall Please give your general opinion of this product. Great call. Skill Level What is your hunting skill level? Avid Hunter