Item Reviews for: Radicator Hunting Tool  -  CHA555

Probably great on ducks, not so much on big geese.
By: dirtylandrover      Submitted: 3/28/2014







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Quality How is the quality? Does it have every feature you need? Seems well built and should last several seasons. Features What do you like or dislike about the features? I like the idea of a quick break instead of wringing necks, but I tried several times squeezing hard on a Canada goose and it wouldn't break it's neck. Cost Do you think this item is a good value? It was $2. As long as it breaks duck necks, it is for me. Flyway Which flyway do you hunt in? Central Overall Please give your general opinion of this product. I wouldn't recommend on big geese, but should do the trick for smaller geese, ducks, and upland game.