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    Patagonia Womens Re-Tool Headband
    Price: $25.00
    Save: $10.00 (40%)
    From  $15.00      $17.63

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    This soft high-pile headband has a plush microdenier fleece trim that helps keep it in place and keeps your ears warm. Thick, fuzzy fleece keeps the wind off your ears and hair out of your vision during fast
    Patagonia Womens Better Sweater Gloves
    Price: $49.00
    Save: $19.60 (40%)
    From  $29.40      $34.55

    Options Available
    These warm and cozy polyester mittens convert into a fingerless glove. Omit the mind-numbing question of whether it’s a mitten day or a glove day with this convertible fingerless glove/mitten combo that