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Evolved Hog Wild Attractant 4 Pound Bag
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Evolved Hog Wild attractant will drive hogs crazy! Hogs will root a hole over three feet deep to get the last grain of this irresistible attractant. Hog Wild is an attractant that beasts love. Hog Wild attracts
Buck Bomb The Hog Bomb Sow In Estrus Hog Lure
From  $9.99ex VAT      $11.74inc VAT

The Buck Bomb Hog Bomb Sow In Estrus Hog Lure provides incredible cover scent, creating a barrier between you and animals approaching from downwind. A 10-second burst while stalking, or when sitting in a stand,
Code Blue Swine Wine - 32 Ounce
From  $7.99ex VAT      $9.39inc VAT

When it comes to hog hunting, it makes sense to use everything you can to gain an advantage. That is why Blue Code has created Swine Wine. As one of the sharpest animals with an even sharper sense of smell, wild
Tink's Power Pig Dominant Boar - 4 oz
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Tink's Power Pig Dominant Boar urine sends the signal that there is a new boar in the area which will provoke every boar close to your hunting area to come defend his breeding rights. This is especially effective