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Buck Bomb The Hog Bomb Sow In Estrus Hog Lure
From  $9.99ex VAT      $11.74inc VAT

The Buck Bomb Hog Bomb Sow In Estrus Hog Lure provides incredible cover scent, creating a barrier between you and animals approaching from downwind. A 10-second burst while stalking, or when sitting in a stand,
Evolved Hog Wild Attractant 4 Pound Bag
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Evolved Hog Wild attractant will drive hogs crazy! Hogs will root a hole over three feet deep to get the last grain of this irresistible attractant. Hog Wild is an attractant that beasts love. Hog Wild attracts
Code Blue Boar Hog Urine - 2 oz
From  $10.99ex VAT      $12.91inc VAT

Code Blue's Boar Hog Urine is collected from an individual animal giving you the most effective scent available. A hog's number one defense is smell. Don't risk confusing a wary, nocturnal trophy boar with blended
Tink's Power Pig Dominant Boar - 4 oz
From  $11.99ex VAT      $14.09inc VAT

Tink's Power Pig Dominant Boar urine sends the signal that there is a new boar in the area which will provoke every boar close to your hunting area to come defend his breeding rights. This is especially effective