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    Primos Super Freak Box Turkey Call
    You’re gonna Freak Out, when you see how effective the Super Freak Box Turkey Call from Primos is! It is simple to strap on and adjust. Once you have it securely strapped to your leg, you
    Talkin Stick Rain Talker Turkey Box Call
    The Talkin Stick Rain Talker Turkey Box Call is WATERPROOF! No need to leave this box call in the truck when skies cloud up and rain begins to fall. This call is made of a walnut base and sides with a Purpleheart
    Primos Bamboozled Turkey Box Call
    From  $19.99      $23.49

    Bamboozled; to deceive by underhanded methods We are always experimenting with new ways to “Speak the Language”. We experiment with new shapes and materials day in
    Primos Lil Hot Box Turkey Call
    From  $24.99      $29.36

    Get that gobbler fired up with a strike from the Primos Lil Hot Box Turkey Call! You’ll be blown away that a sound so crisp and clear could be made out of a box call that is so small. The Lil’ Hot Box is crafted
    Primos Lil' Hook Up Turkey Box Call
    From  $24.99      $29.36

    Primos Lil’ Hook Up Turkey Box Call. This compact version of the Hook Up Box Call is designed to take all the guess work out of getting that perfect box call sound every time you play it. The ultra-strong
    Woodhaven Box Call Clip
    From  $4.99      $5.86

    WoodHaven’s Box Call Cutt’n Clip helps you locate the sweet spot on your favorite turkey box call and lock into that spot for consistent, repeatable yelping and cutting. The box call clip is made of a
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