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    Haydels T2 Five In One Call
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    One end of Haydels T2 Five In One Call produces the quacks of Bluewing/Cinnamon Teal while the other is used for Greenwings, Pintail, Widgeon, and Mallard drake
    Haydels Dove Call

    Haydels Dove Call

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    Haydels Dove Call produces the cooing sound to locate and call morning doves. Haydel is synonomis with quality and is designed by hunter for hunters. Locate more game with the D-90 Dove call from
    Primos Dove Call

    Primos Dove Call

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    This easy to use Primos Dove Call is what you need for hunting these majestic birds from morning to afternoon. Use the call to entice doves close to get the best possible show to make that perfect
    Woodhaven The Real Hawk Call
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    A long kept secret is the hawk call, it will make gobblers sound off more than most turkey hunters realize. The Woodhaven The Real Hawk Call is hand turned of the finest birch to produce the
    Flextone Coon Squaller Raccoon Call
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    The Flextone Coon Squaller Raccoon Call is a great addition to your Coon calls. A fantastic option for winter hunting, and it allows you to hang it around your neck. You can make that essential
    Primos Hog Squealer Call
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    Because a wild hog's squeal very much like those of a domestic pig, the Primos Hog Squealer Call replicates hog squealing that is recognized by both sows and boars. Thanks to the wild hog's strong
    Primos Coon Squaller Call
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    Reproducing the whines and distress calls of a raccoon, the Primos Coon Squaller Call makes it easy for anyone to locate and call a pesky raccoon. Not only that, but it also makes an excellent
    Primos Timberline Open Reed
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    The Primos Timberline Open Reed is easy to use and very effective at calling in bull elk. The open single-reed reproduces the high pitches of cows and calves. With a little practice, you will be