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Sitka Gear Optifade Pantanal Bib - Waterfowl
From  $489.00ex VAT      $574.58inc VAT

Sitka Gear Pantanal Bibs are the perfect complement to the jacket and an effective barrier to the elements. The Pantanal Bibs from Sitka Gear will keep the frosty burn off your legs. Constructed with a GORE-TEX
Sitka Optifade Boreal Bib Pants - Waterfowl
From  $589.00ex VAT      $692.08inc VAT

Sitka Optifade Boreal Bib Pants are the warmest Waterfowl bottoms, ideal for extended exposure to the most extreme conditions. Paired with the Boreal Jacket, it locks you into a 3-layer GORE-TEX
Sitka Optifade Grinder Pants - Waterfowl
From  $189.00ex VAT      $222.08inc VAT

Built for chasing fickle flight paths in the early season, Sitka Optifade Grinder Pants give you enough warmth for early morning missions and enough breathability to remain comfortable the rest of
Sitka Gear Optifade Fanatic Bib - Forest
Price: $369.00
Save: $92.25 (25%)
From  $276.75ex VAT      $325.18inc VAT

These Sitka Gear Fanatic Bibs are specifically and scientifically designed for the hardcore whitetail deer hunter. These camo overalls' fully articulated knees and seat eliminate bulkiness, which
Sitka Gear Optifade Downpour Pants - Forest
From  $249.00ex VAT      $292.58inc VAT

Completing your wet weather system, the Sitka Gear Downpour Pants are fully articulated GORE-TEX PacLite Fabric pants that have full side zips to get over your Stratus Bibs when it starts to pour. These camo
Sitka Gear Dewpoint Optifade Hunting Pants - Open Country
From  $369.00ex VAT      $433.58inc VAT

Sitka Gear Dewpoint Hunting Pants are the perfect choice of pants for when the temperatures fall, and the wind begins to whip and swirl around. These camouflage hunting pants are 100% waterproof to help keep
Sitka Gear Optifade Mountain Pants - Open Country
From  $189.00ex VAT      $222.08inc VAT

Taking the Sitka Gear Optifade Ascent Pants to the next level, these new Sitka Gear mountain pants add on more features, more aggressive patterning, and more durable fabric. These camo hunting
Sitka Gear Timberline Optifade Open Country Hunting Pants
From  $229.00ex VAT      $269.08inc VAT

Building off the success of the popular Mountain Pant, the Sitka Gear Timberline Hunting Pants takes the important characteristics of the Mountain Pants and amps them up for the most extreme mountain hunter. Has
Sitka Gear Optifade Cloudburst Pants - Open Country
From  $329.00ex VAT      $386.58inc VAT

An extension of the jacket, the Sitka Gear Cloudburst Pants deliver guaranteed storm protection in the unpredictable mountains. You'll contentedly push through any mountain squall wearing these fully featured