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    Nikon 16338 Buckmaster II 3-9x40 Matte BDC Rifle Scope
    From  $129.99      $152.74

    NIKON SPORT OPTICS INC 3-9x40 BDC Nikon 16338 Buckmasters 2 3-9x 40mm 33-8.11.3 ft @100 yds 1' Tube Dia Blk BDC One of the most trusted riflescopes among deer hunters has
    Simmons 3-9x40mm 8-Point Truplex Rifle Scope
    From  $39.99      $46.99

    The 8-Point 3-9x40 Riflescope from Simmons features a mid-sized 40mm objective, a 1.0' tube, and a Truplex reticle. This entry-level optic is fitted high-quality coated lenses, and 1/4 MOA adjustments. r
    Leupold VX-II Rifle Scope
      $349.99 - $549.99  
    From  $349.99      $411.24

    Options Available
    Leupold VX-II Rifle Scopes are the ideal choice when lightening the load. They weigh about 17 percent less than their full-size counterparts, yet retain all the performance features, lens coatings, and systems
    Leupold VX-3L 4.5-14x50 mm Riflescope CDS Matte Wind-Plex
    From  $849.99      $998.74

    Leupold Custom Dial System(CDS) models allow you to quickly dial your elevation to different ranges with a custom elevation dial matched to your specific ballistics. Simply 'dial in' the range you are shooting at
    Swarovski Z6i Illuminated 30mm Gen-2 Rifle Scope
      $2,499.99 - $2,599.99  
    From  $2,499.99      $2,937.49

    Options Available
    The Swarovski Z6i 1-6x24 Illuminated Rifle Scopes are the world's only rifle scopes with 6x zoom combining the requirements of different hunting situations, like hunting wildlife and hunting in
    EOTech HHS II Holographic Hybrid Sight II EXPS2-2 with G33.STS Magnifier
    From  $1,019.00      $1,197.33

    Description The Holographic Hybrid Sight II (HHS II) has an EXPS2-2 with a G33.STS magnifier. Regardless of the scenario, it provides an unparalleled advantage when transitioning from short-range to long-range
    Bushnell AR93940 AR Optics 3-9x 40mm BDC-223 Reticle
    From  $124.99      $146.86

    BUSHNELL Drop Zone 223 BDC Reticle Bushnell AR93940 AR Optics 3-9x 40mm Obj 31-11ft@100yds FOV BDC-223 Ret Blk These versatile optics feature target turrets,
    Leupold Mark 4 ER/T
      $1,299.99 - $1,899.99  
    From  $1,299.99      $1,527.49

    Options Available
    Leupold Mark 4 ER/T Rifle Scopes are arguably some of the most dependable, highest performing riflescopes you'll find anywhere. Their accuracy is proven in the field. Their rugged and absolute
    Leupold VX-6 Rifle Scope - Matte Black
      $1,199.99 - $1,299.99  
    From  $1,199.99      $1,409.99

    Options Available
    Leupold VX-6 1-6x24mm Rifle Scope takes all the advantages of the Quantum Optical System and multiplies it times six! You get virtually every feature you can imagine. Legendary ruggedness, stunning optics, and a
    Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 Rifle Scope
      $299.99 - $499.99  
    From  $299.99      $352.49

    Options Available
    Light reflecting off lens surfaces diminishes image quality. So Leupold engineers developed their own proprietary lens coating system Multicoat 4, to keep image quality pristine. Leupold Mark AR MOD 1
    Bushnell Trophy Rifle Scope
    From  $119.99      $140.99

    Options Available
    Engineered with Amber-Bright optics that quickly help you distinguish between a brown tree and a brown critter, the Bushnell Trophy Riflescopes have been heralded by hunters as the ideal scope for the autumn deer
    Leupold VX-I Rifle Scope
      $199.99 - $299.99  
    From  $199.99      $234.99

    Options Available
    3-9x50 Specifications: Length (A): 12.4 in Tube Length (B): 5.0 in (C): 1.7 in (D): 2.2 in Eyepiece Length
    Swarovski Z6 Rifle Scope
      $2,229.99 - $2,689.99  
    From  $2,229.99      $2,620.24

    Options Available
    The Swarovski Z6 Rifle scope has broken ground in being the first and only rifle scope with 6x optical zoom. Eliminating the need to acquire other riflescopes, the Swarovski Z6 2-12X 50 Rifle scope combines
    Swarovski Z5 Rifle Scope
      $1,629.99 - $1,729.99  
    From  $1,629.99      $1,915.24

    Options Available
    The Z5 from SWAROVSKI OPTIK is a 1-inch rifle scope with 5x zoom – an innovative combination. Due to its high magnification and its large field of view, it is particularly versatile and eminently suitable
    Swarovski Z3 Rifle Scope
      $879.99 - $1,079.99  
    From  $879.99      $1,033.99

    Options Available
    The Swarovski Z3 rifle scope provides a range that is impressive due to its tried and tested optic and its distinct shapely design. The Z3 slim construction allows it to be mounted close to the
    EOTech HHS I Holographic Hybrid Sight I EXPS3-4 with G33.STS Magnifier
    From  $1,089.99      $1,280.74

    Description The Holographic Hybrid Sight I (HHS I) features an EXPS3-4 with a G33.STS magnifier. It has great utility for any shooter, whose target ranges vary from close to mid-range. The HHS I provides a
    EOTech HSS III Holographic Hybrid Sight III 518.2 With G33.STS Magnifier
    From  $979.99      $1,151.49

    The HHS III is extremely versatile. It offers extremely quick close quarter targeting with the magnifier switched away but can instantly transition to a magnified optic effective out to longer distances. Powered
    EOTech XPS2-300 Holographic Weapon Sight 2-Dot 300 Blackout
    From  $509.99      $599.24

    Description Designed with tactical shooters in mind, the XPS2-300 offers a 2-dot ballistic drop reticle that allows the shooter to zero either subsonic or supersonic rounds in the same reticle pattern. Offered
    Leupold 110180 1-5X20 CMR MK4 MR/T M2 Rifle Scope
    From  $999.99      $1,174.99

    LEUPOLD & STEVENS INC MR/T M2 Leupold110180 1-5x20mmObj 66.5-23.8ft@100ydsFOV 30mmTube Blk Illum Sp Purpose For everything from 50 to 700 meters, these are the scopes
    Leupold 110685 VX-R 2-7x 33mm 30mm Rifle Scope Blk Fire Dot 4
    From  $649.99      $763.74

    LEUPOLD & STEVENS INC Riflescope Leupold 110685 VX-R 2-7x 33mm Obj 43.3 - 18 ft @ 100 yds FOV 30mm Blk Fire Dot 4 Sleek design with daylight-capable illumination, the
    Leupold 110805 VX-2 3-9x 50mm 1 Inch Tube Black Duplex
    From  $399.99      $469.99

    LEUPOLD & STEVENS INC Value Priced Riflescope Leupold 110805 VX-2 3-9x 50mm Obj 34.1-14.1ft@100yds FOV 1' Tube Dia Blk Duplex The VX-II delivers the performance and
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