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Pro-Shot Shotgun Patch Holder
From  $2.99ex VAT      $3.51inc VAT

Pro-Shot Shotgun Patch Holder is an extended shotgun patch holder for small gauge shotguns. Excellent for use with 410, 28, and 20 Gauge shotguns, the extended reach brass patch holder will fit from 10-410 Gauge.
Pro-Shot Brass Patch Holder
The Pro-Shot Brass Patch Holder will work on .22 - .45 Caliber firearms and have a 8/32 male thread. This Brass Patch Holder is manufactured from quality solid brass. Great for holding patches to clean the bore,
Pro-Shot Single Rifle Brush
From  $2.99ex VAT      $3.51inc VAT

Rifle Brushes are another quality product from Pro-Shot. 'Benchrest Quality' brush consists of a Brass Core, Bronze Bristles, Brass Coupling, Looped End, Oversized Diameter, and Caliber or MM Specific. r
Pro-Shot Silicone Cloth
The Pro-Shot Silicone Cloth is made of durable cotton flannel impregnated with silicone. This all purpose cloth removes fingerprints, polishes and cleans. Zip lock reclosable bag prevents the cloth from drying
Pro-Shot Ultimate Universal Field Kit
From  $29.99ex VAT      $35.24inc VAT

Pro-Shot Ultimate Universal Field Kit is easy to use and carry. The Field Kit comes with a Swivel T-Handle and 5 quantity 6.5 inch length rod sections. Includes patch holder for .22 - .45 caliber, all gauge
Pro-Shot Ultimate Universal Field Pistol Kit
From  $18.99ex VAT      $22.31inc VAT

Pro-Shot Ultimate Universal Field Pistol Kit is easy, convenient, and is very compact. The Ultimate Pistol Kit for field use includes Swivel T-Handle and a 6.5 inch red section with .22-.45 Cal. Patch Holder.
Pro-Shot 3 Piece 36 Inch Universal Kit
This Pro-Shot 3 Piece 36 Inch Universal Kit contains our Superior 3 piece stainless micro-polished rod and is excellent for carrying to the range or hunting trips. You can order it with a 36 inch working length
Pro-Shot Wool Bore Mop
From  $2.99ex VAT      $3.51inc VAT

Pro-Shot Pistol and Rifle bore mops are 100% cotton and manufactured with a brass core and looped end. They are manufactured of the highest quality construction possible. Pro-Shot Shotgun bore mops
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