Primos Deer Hunting Customer Comments "Mack's is a great store and has deals that rival major chain stores and has the equipment true Arkansas sportsmen and women need!" Nov 2014

Primos Compact Folding Saw
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The Primos Compact Folding Saw quietly unfolds and locks into position. It features a push-button lock on the handle that is safe and simple to use. The handle is lightweight nylon that is over molded with a
Primos Red Spot Premium Mineral Site Ignitor Deer Lure
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Primos Red Spot Premium Mineral Site Ignitor attracts up to two times more deer! The sustained release formula will keep deer coming back to lick, paw and dig for more. Made with premium organic and natural foot
Primos Bow Holster
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Attach the Primos Bow Holster to your belt, drop your cam into the cup and relax your arm while waiting for that buck to come by your stand. The padded cup will not allow the cam to dig into your leg and you won't
Primos Blind Bow Holder
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Attaching easily to the internal rods of your blind, the Blind Bow Holder can keep you ready for action by holding your bow with an arrow nocked and in position. The Bow Holder will relieve you of the strain of
Primos Molasses Stuffed Protein Block Deer Lure
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Primos Molasses Stuffed Protein Block is like Big Foot. Some hunters say they have proof of one and there are some that say they don’t exist. A Swamp Donkey is like Big Bad, Heavy Horned, Moss Backed Buck. Now you