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    Otter Outdoors 1200 Camouflage Seat and Base
    From  $169.99      $199.74

    Options Available
    Otter Outdoors optional camo seat and base. Camouflage cushioned seat with 360 degree swivel and folding back-rest. Plastic base locks into the grooves on the floor and is large enough to accommodate a battery or
    Otter Outdoors Optional Boat Dog Ramp
    From  $79.99      $93.99

    Options Available
    The Otter Outdoors Optional Dog Ramp fits the 1200 AND 2000 Duck Boats. Tough, durable dog ramp hooks on the handle and swivels up and out of the way. Available in Marsh
    Otter Outdoors 1200 Duck Hunting Boat
    From  $919.99      $1,080.99

    Options Available
    The Otter Outdoors 1200 Duck Hunting Boat is the strongest duck boat on the market. This duck boat by Otter Outdoors is constructed of rugged polyethylene that resists damaging ultra violet rays. Weighing 100 lbs.
    Otter Outdoors Stealth 2000 Duck Hunting Boat
    From  $1,149.99      $1,351.24

    Options Available
    Among the features of the Otter Outdoors Stealth 2000 Duck Hunting Boat is a foam-filled inner structure for incredible strength. Other features on this duck boat include a padded seat with backrest, twin gun
    Otter Outdoors Stealth 2000 Optional Motor Mount
    From  $69.99      $82.24

    Options Available
    This Otter Outdoors Stealth 2000 Optional Motor Mount is an optional motor mount allowing the use of an electric trolling motor or small out board on the Stealth 2000. This motor mount is rated for a 2 HP
    Otter Outdoors Final Attack Duck Boat
    From  $599.99      $704.99

    Options Available
    The Final Attack Duck Boat by Otter Outdoors is arguably the most versatile sneak boat you will ever own. With an ultra-low profile, this duck boat flattens out in extremely short vegetation and has ample room for
    Otter Outdoors Back Rest for the Final Attack Blind
    From  $59.99      $70.49

    The Otter Outdoors Back Rest provides added comfort and support while hunting in your Final Attack Boat. Made of super-strong polyethylene, the back rest provides day-long comfort while out on your hunting
    Otter Outdoors Phantom Marsh Brown Duck Boat
    From  $599.99      $704.99

    The Otter Outdoors Phantom duck boat blind is a unique layout boat that is extremely maneuverable, very lightweight 55 pounds and with its low profile it is a ghost in the marsh. The Phantom duck boat blind