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Mojo Outdoors Tail Jerker Turkey Decoy
List Price:$49.99
Save:$20.00 (40%)
From  $29.99ex VAT      $35.24inc VAT

The Mojo Tail Jerker Turkey Decoy is essentially the same decoy as the Mojo's Quarter Pounder but operated with a pull string instead of remote controlled motor. It is a jake style turkey decoy with approximately
Mojo Critter Confidence Decoy
From  $39.99ex VAT      $46.99inc VAT

After trying many versions, MOJO Outdoors has developed the most effective predator decoy on the market. The MOJO Critter predator decoy is light-weight, portable, simple and affordable. It has highly visible and
Mojo Puppy Dog Predator Decoy
From  $44.99ex VAT      $52.86inc VAT

The all new Mojo Puppy Dog Predator Decoy brings you a new concept in predator hunting. The Mojo Puppy Dog Decoy is a realistic looking, sounding, feeling, stand alone decoy that is all that you need for predator
Mojo Wind Dove Decoy

Mojo Wind Dove Decoy

List Price:$15.99
Save:$1.00 (6%)
From  $14.99ex VAT      $17.61inc VAT

Wind driven spinning wing decoys are popular in some areas, especially where motorized decoys are not allowed. Mojo is the world leader in such decoys and now offers their popular Mojo Wind Dove Decoy in a air
Mojo Hawk Decoy
From  $79.99ex VAT      $93.99inc VAT

Mount the MOJO Hawk on the included pole directly above a predator decoy and/or caller and give a predator the illusion that a bird of prey has caught and crippled an easy meal, and if they rush in, they can take
Mojo Pigeon Motion Decoy
From  $49.99ex VAT      $58.74inc VAT

Mojo Pigeon Motion Decoy is a great new product for those of you looking for an off-season sport. When everything else, including ducks, geese, and doves are not in season, this is the perfect option for the best
Mojo Voodoo Dove Decoy Combo
From  $99.00ex VAT      $116.33inc VAT

Options Available
Mojo Voodoo Dove Decoy Combo includes the Mojo Voodoo Dove Motion Decoy, Mojo Dove Tree Decoy, Mojo Clip On Dove Decoys and AA Batteries. This is the perfect kit for beginning or seasoned dove hunters. This
Mojo Super Critter Predator Decoy
From  $59.99ex VAT      $70.49inc VAT

The Mojo Super Critter Predator Decoy is a perfect example of the best getting better. The original Mojo Critter decoy proved to be the most effective and the most popular predator decoy ever, and revolutionized
Mojo Turkey Fan Press Decoy
From  $29.99ex VAT      $35.24inc VAT

The Mojo Turkey Fan Press is the perfect mounting option after you get that big gobbler. Whether you use your gobbler tails as decoys for future hunts or mount them on the wall, this is the press