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Deadly Decoys 6 Foot Flyer Pole and Bouncer Arm Kit
From  $34.99ex VAT      $41.11inc VAT

Need that motion to attract the birds? The Deadly Decoys 6 Foot Flyer Pole and Bouncer Arm Kit consists of a pole that is pushed into the ground and a bouncer arm that is angled and fits into the top of the pole.
Wonderduck Specklebelly Motion Goose Decoys
From  $109.99ex VAT      $129.24inc VAT

The Wonderduck Specklebelly Motion Goose Decoy is great confidence decoy! Works for Ducks and Geese. Built with an Avery Pro-Grade Speck decoy and running two high speed 500rpm opposite rotating motors. Package
Higdon Canada Goose Swimmer Decoy
From  $169.99ex VAT      $199.74inc VAT

Talk about realism! Higdon's Canada Goose Swimmer Decoys create the most realistic motion and ripple in your spread possible. The cord and waterproof battery box acts as a cord and weight so
Higdon Canada Goose Pulsator and Power Pack
From  $159.99ex VAT      $187.99inc VAT

The Higdon Canadian Goose Pulsator and Power Pack creates a simulated feeding frenzy! This total unit is absolutely awesome! The perfect decoy for adding just the right amount of ripple on the water! The cord and