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    Montana Jake Purr-Fect 3D Jake Turkey Decoy
    From  $54.99      $64.61

    The ultimate portable decoy, the Montana Decoy Jake Purr-Fect Turkey Decoy can be packed down to the size of a dinner plate and spring into a full-bodied 3-D jake decoy in seconds. Detailed
    Montana Decoy Dreamy White Doe
    From  $59.99      $70.49

    The Dreamy Whitetail Doe Decoy is hard for cruising, rutting bucks to pass up. But it’s not just effective during the rut. The doe decoy can be used as cover to spot-and-stalk whitetails in
    Montana Decoy Miss Purr-Fect 3D Turkey Decoy
    If turkey hunters had to only carry one hen decoy, the  Montana Decoy Miss Purr-Fect 3D Turkey Decoy is the one. It features Perfect Pose Technology so you can match the pose of the decoy to
    Montana Decoy Estrus Betty
    From  $69.99      $82.24

    Setting up an Estrus Betty Doe Decoy within bow range is one way to avoid kicking yourself as that buck-of-a-lifetime strolls away from your calls. It’s the perfect visual to accompany
    Montana Fanatic 2D Gobbler Turkey Decoy
    The Montana Decoy Fanatic 2D Gobbler Decoy's  life-like size and photographic realism creates an appearance that’s sure to rile up any gobbler that sees it. With the attached stake, push