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    Mojo Extension Decoy Pole
    From  $34.99      $41.11

    The Mojo Extension Decoy Pole is in response to the many requests from Mojo users. Mojo has developed a quality extension decoy pole that can be used for placing a decoy in deeper water or for
    Mojo Baby and Floater Magnetic Decoy Wing Set
    From  $24.99      $29.36

    Mojo's new Magnetic Wings are the ultimate accessory for your Mojo decoy!; Removal and installation of the wings has never been quicker - just slide them on and off! Sold in pair. Wing set for Baby
    Mojo Pre 2012 Baby Magnetic Wing Adaptor
    From  $4.99      $5.86

    Mojo Pre 2012 Baby Magnetic Wing Adaptor. This magnetic shaft adapter fits the motor shaft on the Mojo Baby, Floater, and Gadwall (Pre 2012
    Mojo 4-Channel Decoy Boss Controller Unit
    From  $349.99      $411.24

    The Mojo 4-Channel Decoy Boss Controller Unit controls your motion, time, speed, spread and stretches out your battery time. WOW! This 4 channel controller is made of four repeat cycle timers with
    Mojo Mallard Decoy Replacement Foot
    From  $3.99      $4.69

    One Mojo Mallard Decoy Replacement Foot for your Mojo Mallard Duck Decoys.Ensure everything is just right for your next hunt. The smallest details will sometimes throw off those wary old Northern
    Mojo Baby Mojo Support Pole
    From  $12.99      $15.26

    Support pole for the Baby Mojo or Mojo Teal. 3 pieces. By popular request MOJO Outdoors presents the MOJO Support Pole for use with motion decoys. It's use is two fold. First, as a deep water
    Mojo Texas Style Decoy Rig
    From  $32.99      $38.76

    Options Available
    The Texas Style, tangle free decoy rigging system has been in use for many years along the Louisiana/Texas Coast by hunters who had to transport their decoys into hard to reach spots and had the absolute need for