Mallard Duck Decoys Customer Comments "Its the only company I deal with because I'm comfortable." Feb 2015

Zink Avian-X Topflight Open Water (OW) Mallards Pack
Designed for the open water mallard hunter that wants the look and ride of a custom style mallard decoy, and created to match the life like appearance of a flock mallard resting offshore in the open areas of bays
Zink Avian-X Fusion Series Topflight Mallards
Zink Avian-X Fusion Series Topflight Mallards. You want to hunt over true custom-style painted mallard decoys – decoys to rival ANY production decoy ever created. Ultra-realistic paint schemes combine with
Zink Avian-X Back Water Series Topflight Mallards
It's time for your spread to start looking like ducks in the marsh and not decoys. The Backwater Series was created to look like live ducks feeding in shallow water. We observed ducks in this situation and
Dakota Decoys X-treme Mallard Floater Duck Decoy - 12 Pack
Dakota Decoys have designed unquestionably the most life like duck decoys on the market. The first thing you will notice is the most life like, hand painted finish ever put on a hunting decoy. Drakes go through a