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    Loon Lake Decoy “Missed Again” Comical Hunter
    From  $69.99ex VAT      $82.24inc VAT

    Doesn’t Dave the Hunter remind you of your buddy with the pile of empty shells lying next to him with no duck to claim? You know it’s sad when your dog can’t even watch you humiliate yourself. Don’t be like Dave
    Loon Lake Decoy “Over the Limit” Comical Hunter
    From  $69.99ex VAT      $82.24inc VAT

    Busted!! Dave the hunter is up to his old tricks again as he tries to defend himself from the DNR. He just got a little too greedy, as he is “Over the Limit” by a few boots full of mallard. It’s rare for Dave to
    Loon Lake Decoy Nesting Wood Duck Lamp
    From  $199.99ex VAT      $234.99inc VAT

    The brightly pattered beauty of the male wood duck is captured through Loon Lake Decoy Company's Nesting Wood Duck Lamp . This beautiful lamp adds a touch of the outdoors to any home decor needs. With