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    Adrenal Line The Finisher Duck Killer Brass Hunting Tool
    From  $14.99      $17.61

    The Finisher Duck Killer Brass Hunting Tool. Keeping it simple works. Less is more, especially while duck hunting. Cheap and effective are even better, the Finisher is a simple way to dispatch wildfowl
    Outdoor Edge Game Shears
    Price: $19.99
    Save: $3.00 (15%)
    From  $16.99      $19.96

    These Game Shears from Outdoor Edge are ideal for field dressing birds, small game and fish. Full-tang 420 stainless steel construction, spring action with special bone breaking notch make these shears rugged and
    Duke Traps Dog Proof Coon Trap Setting Tool
    From  $2.99      $3.51

    Duke Dog Proof Coon Trap Setting Tool is the easiest way for you to set your Duke Dog Proof Coon Trap. The metal bar has 2 notches that allow you to get a secure placement of the bar before you push down on the
    Duke Traps Body Trap Setting Tool

    Duke Traps Body Trap Setting Tool

     Provides added safety and simplicity of operation
    From  $9.99      $11.74

    Duke's Body Trap setting tool is a must have accessory that provides added safety and simplicity of operation when using body traps in various field operations. Many trappers rely on the handy Model
    Big Game Deluxe Deer Drag
    From  $13.99      $16.44

    The Big Game Deluxe Deer Drag is a fully adjustable harness with rope.  It includes double shoulder straps, chest strap and waist belt for ultimate support and weight distribution while
    Big Game Heavyweight Gambrel
    From  $9.99      $11.74

    This Big Game Heavyweight Gambrel is 25 inches wide with a 1/2 inch steel bar with solid hooks to prevent sliding. Big Game Heavyweight Gambrel Features:
    Browning 230 Outdoorsman Shears
    From  $34.99      $41.11

    Browning 230 Outdoorsman Shears are a multi-use hunter's best friend. These shears double as a shooting lane pruning shear and aids in butchering big game. These Browning 230 Outdoorsman Shears will cut through
    EZ Kut EZ Blue Hoist
    From  $49.99      $58.74

    EZ Kut EZ Blue Hoist is the ultimate tool to raise your game to the next level! Pun intended! Hoist your deer, elk, wild hog, bear, you name it, up and on to your ATV or pickup! Attach a gambrel and the EZ Hoist
    Hawk Cinch Deer Drag
    From  $11.99      $14.09

    Quickly and easily move your kill out of remote or tough-to-access locations with Hawk's Cinch Deer Drag . Simply attach the looped ends to the animal as directed to minimize friction with the
    T-Hangers Gambrel - Adjustable Big Game Gambrel
    From  $29.99      $35.24

    The patented slide center bar allows the weight of the animal to spread the legs open providing access to the pelvic area. Works on all size animals. Extra heavy-duty welded steel and zinc coating. Open hook
    T-Post Stepper with Camo Holster
    From  $24.99      $29.36

    Lightweight, weighing only 8 ounces, for easy travel. Includes durable, weather-resistant nylon holster that can also be used to help protect your hand on top of the post as you step over. Not pictured,