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    Hooyman 10 Foot Extendible Tree Saw
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    We've all done it ,,,,Grab the pole saw out of the garage and haul it into the woods to clear shooting lanes at a new stand site. First of all, the pole saw doesn't pack well in the vehicle. Secondly, its a pain
    Hooyman Extendable 5 Foot Tree Saw
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    Hooyman offers premium extendible saws designed specifically for the hunter. Each section of the telescopic extension arm locks down individually, creating an incredibly sturdy saw that can extend up to 5 Feet.
    Hooyman 16' Pole Saw

    Hooyman 16' Pole Saw

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    The Hooyman 16' Pole Saw is an extendable tree saw with a 12 inch curved MegaBite XP blade for increased cutting performance and longer cutting life. Features I-beam aluminum construction, in-line
    Hooyman 1003 Ratchet Pruner
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    The Hooyman 1003 Ratchet Pruner is designed for the hunter. A simple push of a button detaches the saw from pruner. The hardened pruning blade holds its edge much longer than non-hardened blades.
    Hooyman Pole Saw Looper Attachment
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    Hooyman Pole Saw Looper Attachment fits all Hooyman Pole Saw Poles. Blade is made of SK5 Steel for durability and has a 2.25 curved bypass cutting blade. Cuts branches up to 1.5 inches in