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Heavy Hauler Duck Call Key Chain
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The Heavy Hauler Mini Duck Call Key chain is just what every waterfowler needs. The braided design in olive drab comes with a miniature duck call and a life size duck band. That duck call won't be far when the
Heavy Hauler Add On Call Hauler Game Call Lanyard
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Tired of tangled calls? Get this Heavy Hauler Add-On call hauler! This Add-On call hauler gives you the ability to swap out call in seconds, a completely customizable and intuitive design. Calls
Heavy Hauler Quick-Attach Duck Straps
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The Heavy Hauler Quick-Attach Duck straps gives you a double use from your Swap Out lanyard! The Quick-Attach duck straps feature two clip-on side-release buckles, each with four straps and rings.
Heavy Hauler  MAX4 Sunglass Case with Lens Cloth
Price: $11.99
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This Heavy Hauler MAX4 Sunglass Case with Lens Cloth is a neoprene eyewear case that comes complete with a 4 X 6 lens cleaning cloth. Look no further than the very case you've just taken your shades from to clean
Heavy Hauler Outdoor Gear Swapout Game Call Lanyard
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Now there is a way to keep your entire call arsenal at the ready. The Heavy Hauler Outdoor Gear Neoprene neck strap with detachable bottom braided section allows you to 'Swap Out' calls. Great for those early
Heavy Hauler Big Top Decoy Bag
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The Heavy Hauler Big Top decoy bag is the easiest and fastest to load decoy bag on the market! Easily drop in a dozen decoys at a time, no help needed. This Big Top decoy bag features a lid with