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    Haydel's 25th Anniversay DR-85 Mallard Duck Call
    From  $19.99      $23.49

    Hard to believe that our popular Haydel DR-85 Mallard Duck Call is already 25 years old. As an anniversary model the ADR-85 is still tuned like your old one except now finished in green. The ADR-85 Mallard
    Haydel's The Deceiver Double Reed Mallard Duck Call
    From  $19.99      $23.49

    Haydel Game Call's #1 seller, The Deceiver Double Reed Mallard Duck, features a fully adjustable floating wedge to allow personal tuning. Covering the full chromatic scale, this duck call by Haydel has won many
    Haydel's Gadwall Duck Call
    From  $14.99      $17.61

    With the increase in the gadwalls population over recent years many hunters have come to rely on these birds causing a demand for a gadwall duck call. Now you too, with thd Haydel's Gadwall duck call, can speak
    Haydel's Cajun Squeal Double Reed Duck Call
    From  $20.99      $24.66

    Louisiana callers used this style of calling in the days of market hunting. The Haydel Cajun Squeal double reed duck call is great for finesse calling, slightly higher pitched. Duck call produces a squeal at
    Haydel's Variable Tone Mallard Duck Call
    From  $20.99      $24.66

    Opening and closing the hole in the Haydel's Variable Tone Mallard duck calls exhaust barrel allows the caller to sound like two different Mallards. Closed for older hen, open for higher pitch of younger
    Haydel's Redleg Mallard Duck Call
    From  $34.99      $41.11

    The Haydel Redleg mallard duck call is designed to give the finest impersonation of a Susie mallard ; this duck call is hand tuned by professional callers and blows wet. The duck call’s double
    Haydels Stout 14 Double Reed Duck Call
    From  $24.99      $29.36

    Haydels Stout 14 Double Reed Duck Call is one of the most versatile calls we have ever produced and it lives up to the name! Shortened and enlarged diameter barrels combined with a modified sound tunnel have
    Haydel's Big Barreled Cutdown Mallard Single Reed Duck Call
    From  $24.99      $29.36

    The Big Barrelled Cutdown Mallard Call from Haydel is a hybrid of two of our most popular calls the Cutdown and Big Barreled calls from the past. Aggressively tuned to handle most any situation you will
    Haydel's Magnum Pintail Mallard Drake Duck Call
    This Haydel duck call is super loud for pintail, widgeon, teal and the mallard drake. Use the Haydel Magnum Pintail Mallard Drake duck call as an easy and effective tool to get a child involved in duck
    Haydel's Blue Wing and Cinnamon Teal Single Reed Duck Call
    The Haydel's Blue Wing and Cinnamon Teal duck call produces the screechy quacks of these Teal. Employs a reed system and should not be confused with the Green Wing Teal which
    Haydel's Big Blue -  Blue Wing Teal Duck Call
    It's new and it's blue! The Haydel's Big Blue - Blue Wing Teal Duck Call features double Mylar reeds and was developed out of a need for maximum volume situations. Produces very screechy, high-volume Blue Wing
    Haydel's Compensator Wood Duck Call
    Every squeal and whine a wood duck makes can be created on this Haydel Compensator wood duck call. The Compensator wood duck call is configured so that no hand manipulation is necessary to create the squeals,
    Haydel 30th Year Anniversary Acrylic Double Reed Mallard Duck Call
    From  $139.99      $164.49

    The original DR-85 was introduced in the fall of 1984. To date Haydel’s has produced over one million of these calls! The DR-85NAC, will be a collector’s edition honoring the 30th Anniversary of the