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    H&H Lure Gang Rig Kit
    From  $29.99      $35.24

    H and H Lure Gang Rig Kit is a great decoy kit for river or bi-water hunting. The spring tension keeps snaps from slipping on the cord, so your decoys stay in the spread exactly as you arranged
    MPW Jerk Cord Bungee - 72 Inches
    From  $4.99      $5.86

    Perfect for securing everything you need for your day out waterfowl hunting. Measures 72
    H and H Lure Loop Decoy Anchor Weights - 12 Ounce
    H & H Lure Loop Decoy Anchor Weights easily and securely slip over decoy's head for easy storage. Secured anchors eliminates tangled lines while transporting in your decoy bag. Heavier
    H&H Lure Gang Rig 2 3/4 Inch Black Brass Swivels - 12 Pack
    H and H Lure Company manufactures its own gear and has several factories around the globe. The company is based out of Baton Rouge, LA. H and H products can be found throughout much of the south and in wide
    H&H F 1-1/2 Lb. Folding Decoy Anchor
    H&H F 1-1/2 Lb. Folding Decoy Anchor is a perfect bi-water hunting decoy anchor. This 1-1/2 lb anchor has a hot-dipped galvanized finish that folds and locks in opened and closed positions.r
    H and H Lure Black Crane 5.0 Gang Rig Swivels - 12 Pack
    H & H Lure Black Crane 5.0 Swivels in 12 Pack are ideal for live bait or crankbaits. These swivels have a compact size and positive lock. They are replacement swivels for the H and H Gang