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    Mallard Machine Replacement Arm
    The Mallard Machine replacement arm connects the decoys to the Mallard Machine hub. It simply snaps onto the hub itself for a quick and easy installation. (This item is not sold in a set. The shown price is
    Mojo Drake Decoy Replacement Shell
    From  $34.99      $41.11

    The  Mojo Drake Decoy Replacement Shell is a landing duck decoy shell with feet . This replacement decoy works with Mojo Mallard and Super Mojo motion decoy sets. Don’t
    Wonderduck 8 1/2 Inch Rotating Wings with Purple Paddles
    Wonderduck 8 1/2 Inch Rotating Wings with weedless adjsutable and interchangeable purple paddles are made of solid plastic with metal insert base. They give you Wing Motion, Water Motion and Decoy Motion all at
    Mojo Dove Decoy Replacement Thumb Screw
    Ever had one of those days when you're trying to put together your Mojo decoy and the screw falls in the water? Now you can have several on hand by getting the Mojo Dove Decoy Replacement Thumb
    Mojo Blue Wing Teal Replacement Wing
    From  $9.99      $11.74

    Options Available
    MOJO, the trusted name for the toughest, highest quality decoys on the market. Now you don't have to replace your entire motion decoy. The Mojo Outdoors Motion Duck Decoy Replacement Wings can be purchased either
    Avery Jerk Flag System
    From  $49.99      $58.74

    Avery Outdoors' desire to create the ultimate line of decoy accessories led them around the globe. They searched for the perfect materials and the most technologically advanced manufacturing processes available to
    Mojo Magnetic Mallard Decoy Wing Set
    From  $29.99      $35.24

    Mojo’s new Magnetic Wings are the ultimate accessory for your Mojo decoy! The Mojo Magnetic Mallard Decoy Wing Set come with slotted corrugated wings and metal shaft that is attached with
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